Microsoft Photos App not working?

Have your Windows Photo app stopped working? Here is the solution. The best way to get it working again is to reinstall it, and that can be done easily with  Windows Powershell.

Step 1: Open Windows Powershell as Administrator.

Step 2: Type in this command Get-AppxPackage –AllUsers to view all installed apps.

Step 3: Find the photo app, a trick here is to use the search function.
To do that, right click in the top of the powershell window and choose “Edit – Find..”

Search for “Photo” and you will find the Photo app.

Step 4: Find the PackageFullName and copy it.

Step 5: Now execute this command remove-AppxPackage PackackageFullName. Replace “PackageFullName” with the line you just copied. When the command is executed the app should be uninstalled.

Step 6: Go to Microsoft Store and search for “Microsoft Photos”, now download the App and the Microsoft Photos app should work again! 

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