Guide: Setup Windows Deployment Services with MDT 2013

In this guide, I will explain how to Install and Configure Windows Deployment Services with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit on Windows Server 2012 R2.

To get started, you have to download and install everything:

Windows Deployment Services:
Go to Server Manager – Add new roles and features – Choose to install on current computer – Select Windows Deployment services (add all needed features) – Click next, choose Deployment Server and Transport Server – Then next, next, and install!

Download and Install MDT 2013 here.
Installing MDT 2013 is straight forward next, next, next…

Download and Install ADK Toolkit For Windows 8.1 here, you will need these files to generate a boot image in MDT.
Downloading and installing ADK will take some time! Choose the following features: Deployment tools, Windows Preinstallation Environment, Windows Performance Toolkit.

Create a Deployment Share and Generate the boot images:
When everything is installed, we can start by opening up DeploymentWorkBench:

When this is done, we can configure the WDS service and add the boot image:
Start by opening Windows Deployment Services:

You will be able to boot the boot image on a computer through cable. It should look like this:

In my next guide, I will show you how to add an operating system image, create a task sequence and add programs in MDT 2013.

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